Rachel Rossin, Heat Trace Mug, 2019 / £17.00

Rachel Rossin, <i>Heat Trace Mug</i>, 2019 Rachel Rossin, <i>Heat Trace Mug</i>, 2019

Rachel Rossin has produced this limited edition Heat Trace Mug to coincide with the exhibition; Rachel Rossin: Stalking the Trace, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 21 March–7 July 2019.

The exhibition presented a new iteration of The Sky is a Gap (2017), a work in virtual reality where visitors could manipulate the passage of time, and leave traces within a digital narrative. As an extension of these ideas, Rossin's Heat Trace Mug slowly reveals motifs of the exhibition as hot water is poured.

Available as a single mug, or a set of two.

Ceramic Heat Change Mug
9.5cm x 8cm

Limited edition of 246 + 6AP


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