Laurel Nakadate, Drinking Glass, 2011 / £8.99

Laurel Nakadate, <i>Drinking Glass</i>, 2011 Laurel Nakadate, <i>Drinking Glass</i>, 2011 Laurel Nakadate, <i>Drinking Glass</i>, 2011

Drinking glass
12cm tall, 7cm diameter
Sold as a set of 6 or individually
Unlimited edition

Produced to coincide with the Annual Commission: Laurel Nakadate, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 29 September–11 December 2011.

Laurel Nakadate creates highly charged scenes that put in play relationships premised on gender, power and sexuality. Using a finely tuned emotional tone, Nakadate's work demonstrates an unusual level of humanity, as she foregrounds vulnerability, emotion and sensitivity with a striking level of candour. Issues of identity, social class and mental health are central to her practice. This edition in particular connects the photographic series 365 Days: A Catalogue of Tears (2010), for which the artist photographed herself crying every day for a year in order to 'deliberately take part in sadness each day'.

All proceeds from our editions are split equally between the artist and the Zabludowicz Collection


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