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Rachel Maclean Pins

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Engraved enamel pins
Each badge is 2cm x 2cm

These two happy/sad enamel pins were produced to celebrate Rachel Maclean representing Scotland at the Venice Biennale in 2017.

Rachel Maclean (b.1987) is a Glasgow-based multi-media artist who has rapidly established herself as one of the most distinctive creative voices in the UK. Creating baroque, hyper-real worlds using performance, green-screen technology and computer animation, Maclean spins razor-sharp contemporary fables that deal in timeless themes such as sexuality, power, innocence and corruption. She makes glowing, hyper-saturated videos using green screen technology and computer animation. Producing all the costumes, make up and sets and playing all the characters herself, Maclean creates disturbing yet hilarious narratives that blend appropriated present day pop cultural material with a multitude of narrative references.


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