Jon Rafman Kool-Aid Man, 2015 / £4.00

Jon Rafman <i>Kool-Aid Man</i>, 2015

Engraved enamel pin
2.5cm x 2.8cm

Especially designed by the artist and produced to coincide with the Annual Commission: Jon Rafman, Zabludowicz Colletion, London, 8 October – 20 December 2015.

Jon Rafman makes environments, films, photographs and sculptures that examine the blurring of the real and virtual. Often constructing works which are composites of materials, including video footage, images, texts and quotes that he encounters in his extensive internet research, Rafman edits this material to create poetic new narratives, while never concealing their source. Occasionally shocking and always engaging, his works force the viewer to enter into uncomfortable and unsettling psychological realms.


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