hrm199, RGB Pin Badge, 2017 / £4.00

hrm199, <i>RGB Pin Badge</i>, 2017 hrm199, <i>RGB Pin Badge</i>, 2017

RGB enamel pin badge
Designed by Burgess & Beech

This pin badge was produced to coincide with Annual Commission: Haroon Mirza, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 28 September – 17 December 2017.

The physical and emotive qualities of sound forms the locus of much of Haroon Mirza's work. His compositional practice involves manipulating found objects and audio visual equipment to harness the electro-acoustic interference produced by the items. In his work nothing is hidden but instead the inherent sounds within electronics are amplified and noise is embodied by its connections within kinetic sculptural works. Mirza pulls these numerous components together in installations and performances where the individual elements are placed in conversation with one another. His sparse compositions force us to consider the categorization of noise and music and what we perceive to be the characteristic properties of these.


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