Willem Weismann, Cave Dweller, 2021 / £55.00

Willem Weismann, <i>Cave Dweller</i>, 2021 Willem Weismann, <i>Cave Dweller</i>, 2021

Acrylic Ink on 300 gsm cass watercolour paper, Unframed
42 x 29.5 cm
Edition of 30 + 6 AP
Produced by Willem Weismann for Get a Life Editions

Willem Weismann explores the possibility of paintings acting as ‘information systems’ and stores of meaning. His work explicitly makes connections to other forms of archives, both physical and virtual: the memories we carry in our heads, libraries of books, vast online stores of data, and the stratified layers of history beneath our pavements and soil. The surfaces of Weismann’s paintings make evident his active efforts to make sense of a world in flux.


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