Trulee Hall / £30.00

Trulee Hall Trulee Hall Trulee Hall Trulee Hall Trulee Hall

Zabludowicz Collection are pleased to announce the launch of Trulee Hall's first monograph.

Trulee Hall deals in sensual titillation, but what unfolds does not lead to an orgasmic thrust but is a winding yellow brick road of innuendo and analogy. She flirts with illicit subjects, makes jokes and lures us in with glitter, intrigue, and colour. Moving between digital, clay animation, live action, paint, soft sculpture, and set building, Hall creates a world where darkness is as accepted as light, where characters swap medium and gender as easily as they swap dresses — a cohesive and understandable whole where anything can happen comes into being.

The publication includes a foreword and introduction from Director, Elizabeth Neilson, an essay from Tiffany Naiman, an interview with Trulee Hall and Ali Subotnick and a visual essay by Trulee Hall.

Trulee Hall's exhibition is curated by Antonia Blocker and Elizabeth Neilson, and is on display at Zabludowicz Collection 8 October 2020 - 14 March 2021.

Edited by Antonia Blocker
Designed by Burgess & Beech
Proofread by Jane Hammett
Printed in an edition of 500 by Cassochrome, Belgium


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