Trisha Baga, T-shirt, 2014 / £22.00

Trisha Baga, <i>T-shirt</i>, 2014 Trisha Baga, <i>T-shirt</i>, 2014 Trisha Baga, <i>T-shirt</i>, 2014

Cotton T-shirt with Trisha Baga print
Available in sizes small, medium, large and x-large
Limited edition t-shirt

Produced to coincide with Solo Exhibition: Trisha Baga, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 27 February–11 May 2014.

Trisha Baga combines video, painting, sculpture and found objects in immersive compositions that flood spaces with light and sound. Alluding to the ways in which technology alters perception, Baga uses 3D projections and the rhythms of online browsing to produce installations that suggest shifting chains of association. The artist positions herself as a material through which information is filtered – with the present-day contents of her studio, apartment and computer spilling out into the space of the viewer.


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