Shana Moulton Postcard / £0.50

Shana Moulton Postcard

A6 Postcard

A Shana Moulton postcard produced to coincide with Annual Commission: Shana Moulton, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 12 September–15 December 2019.

Using video, sculptural installation and performance, American artist Shana Moulton has developed a distinctive psychic and aesthetic realm anchored around her alter ego, Cynthia. Collectively titled Whispering Pines ­­­­– the name taken from the mobile-home park for senior citizens near Yosemite that her parents ran – these episodic videos, begun in 2002, chart Cynthia’s personal tribulations. They also reflect on the relationship between consumerism and the search for spirituality


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