Sean Dack, Music For Coffee and Maybe for Films, 2011 / £30.00

Sean Dack, <i>Music For Coffee and Maybe for Films</i>, 2011 Sean Dack, <i>Music For Coffee and Maybe for Films</i>, 2011

Limited edition Cassette tape with 72 minute audio composition
Edition of 100

Specially produced as part of the group exhibition, The Shape We're In, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 10 March - 12 June 2011.

Sean Dack’s works are the result of manipulations that reveal the flaws and failures of advanced technologies. His unique photographic prints are made through various processes, which begin with straightforward photographs of recognizable subjects, such as contemporary architecture, landscapes and portraits of women. In some cases, the downloading of images is disrupted or left incomplete, in others, the images undergo a seriesof translations from analogue format to digital by being scanned, or from digital to analogue by being printed. But it is through these negotiations between digital and analogue systems of data that Dack allows something new to emerge.

All proceeds from our editions are split equally between the artist and the Zabludowicz Collection


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