Rosie Gibbens, Sight For Sore Eyes, 2021 / £350.00

Rosie Gibbens, <i>Sight For Sore Eyes</i>, 2021 Rosie Gibbens, <i>Sight For Sore Eyes</i>, 2021

PVC, cotton, felt, pleather, elastic, velvet, cord, thread
Edition of 15

Rosie Gibbens has produced these to coincide with Invites: Rosie Gibbens, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 1 July - 15 August 2021.

Using absurd humour across her practice, Gibbens explores gender performativity and sexual politics in an unflinchingly and disarmingly direct manner. With her own bodily experience at the centre of her work, Gibbens describes imagining herself as an ‘alien visitor trying to participate seamlessly in contemporary life, but not quite managing.’


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