Julia Wachtel, Untitled (rectangle with hat and arm), 2015 / £200.00

Julia Wachtel, <i>Untitled (rectangle with hat and arm)</i>, 2015 Julia Wachtel, <i>Untitled (rectangle with hat and arm)</i>, 2015

Silkscreen print onto Somerset Tub Sized 410gsm
Size 73 x 53.3 cm
Edition of 60 + 4AP

This edition was produced to coincide with the exhibition Zabludowicz Collection: 20 Years, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 30 April - 16 August 2015.

Mining from the expanses of popular culture, Julia Wachtel is best known for work that actively unsettles our vast visual vocabulary. An ongoing format for her paintings involves repeating recognisable images into compositions which position the frivolous, the significant, and the non-descript in unprioritised succession. More recently Wachtel has almost exclusively imagery drawn from the internet, and repeatedly turned to representations used in advertising and the media, in what the artist describes as acts of 'reclamation'.


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