Donna Huanca Postcards / £1.00

Donna Huanca Postcards Donna Huanca Postcards Donna Huanca Postcards

2 x A6 Postcards

Selection of postcards produced to coincide with Annual Commission: Donna Huanca, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 29 September – 18 December 2016.

Huanca stages surreal architectural collages activated by live performers. She uses socially coded artefacts of the body such as cosmetics and found clothing to create paintings and sculptures, which become backdrops for these durational performances. Her work pursues an interest in the representation of presence and absence, and the connections between ancient and present-day perceptions of our physicality and how we impact on our surroundings. Painted models, presented as canvases, move glacially through the installation; their morphing tableaux vivants leaving behind scars and ghostly remnants.


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