Andy Holden, Towards a Unified Theory of M​!​MS, 2015 / £20.00

Andy Holden, <i>Towards a Unified Theory of M​!​MS</i>, 2015

12" Brown Coloured Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve with printed inner sleeves with the original manifesto.
Produced by Lost Toys Records
Limited Edition

The Original Soundtrack Recording for Andy Holden's exhibition produced for the Annual Commission: Andy Holden, Maximum Irony! Maximum Sincerity, 1999-2003 Towards A Unified Theory of MI!MS, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 26 September - 15 December 2013

Andy Holden is an artist and musician whose approach is characterised by a desire to connect to audiences while retaining his own idiosyncratic internal references and motivations. Often concerned with our relationship to the past and how we make sense of ourselves, his work tackles history, nostalgia, and philosophical enquiry. Although the themes of his work are profound, Holden uses familiar lo-fi forms to express them. Cartoon characters, beer bottles covered in plaster, charity shop finds, and knitted sculptures all feature in his work. The ability to evoke both the burdens of existence and a childlike appreciation of the world around defines Holden's unique approach to how an artist should go about their practice


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